Five Things A Logistics Provider Should Excel at

Four million square feet and expanding…RGL Logistics has proven to be an ever-evolving logistics company that will continue to be relevant for years to come.  At RGL Logistics our teammates take pride in being an extension of the companies they serve. We constantly strive to challenge the status quo to improve and deliver the best possible customer experience. Detailed below are five things to consider when choosing a logistics provider.

Safety Reputation

Does the potential logistics provider share the same core values that your company believes in? A premier value of RGL Logistics is safety. From the onset of the interview process, teammates are vetted for their belief in operating safely at work and home. Once onboarded, leaders and teammates engage in safety conversations about potential risks in their work areas and corrective actions that need to be taken. Every teammate speaks up when they see a safety risk or violation, and also gets involved in eliminating the risk.

Living our value of safety means every teammate is held accountable to look out for one another and speak up when something seems off. The same approach applies to how we care for our customers’ products and materials they have entrusted to us. Nothing is more important to us than the safety of your products, your team, your customers, and our communities.

When it comes to the safety of your products, one measure RGL has recently implemented is a new freight tracking system. We have a real-time tracking system that gives customers the ability to keeps tabs on where their freight is at any point in the route.

Customer Service

Does the potential logistics provider understand your service requirements and expectations? Do they spend sufficient time in the front-end asking questions about your needs and requirements and then detailing solutions to meet your needs? Customer needs are continually evolving and changing. Our teammates take great pride in being efficient and innovative service providers. They are continually looking for better ways of doing their work and are actively engaged in helping customers grow their revenues and profits. Our teammates believe they are an extension of your company and operate according to that belief.


Is the logistics company able to fulfill all your logistics needs, or are they a one-trick pony? RGL Logistics embraces the “What If” approach to logistics. It starts with understanding your needs and expectations and being transparent on how we plan to meet your needs. Over time, we have expanded our service offerings to serve our customers’ needs more effectively and efficiently. Services we now provide include warehouse and distribution, transportation solutions, co-pack and e-fulfillment, and port services.  This array of offerings allows us to offer more in-depth solutions to our customers.  As opposed to the standard operation of dictating whether something is achievable or not, RGL teammates challenge ourselves and the status quo every day. 


What steps does your organization take to make processes or procedures run more efficiently? At RGL we believe that efficiency is the result of attention to detail and productivity. This is supported by training, adaptable software, the proper equipment, and teammates who are engaged in what we do for our customers.

The organization you partner with should evolve with the times and make necessary upgrades to maintain and improve task efficiency. RGL has made significant investments in our technology, our equipment, as well as training and facility upgrades, so we may better serve our customers. Our geographic footprint also expanded with the purchase of additional warehouse space and acres of parking space in Appleton. We have also converted some of the new warehouse space from ambient storage to cold storage. Our facilities now span across Green Bay, De Pere, Appleton, and Neenah with unique offerings at each location.

Company Culture

When teammates feel cared about, they are more engaged with their work. This passion, or lack thereof, translates to the quality of their performance. If a teammate is not engaged in the work-at-hand, service suffers. People want to do well by a company that they feel cares about and respects them. You can gain a great deal of insight about a company in observing the workplace culture and what they do to maintain positive relations. One thing RGL offers teammates and leadership is the opportunity to undergo culture index training.  This training helps teammates acquire a better understanding of different personalities they may interact with to foster more effective communication.  If leaders take the time to establish a positive culture built on shared core values early on and build a team to reinforce that, workdays will flow more seamlessly. As a customer, you will also receive a better product and service than if you had a group of people who lack passion in the job-at-hand.

About RGL Logistics

RGL Logistics, known as the “What if” logistics company, is a warehousing, distribution, and transportation management company that has been around for more than 118 years. We are headquartered in Green Bay and work with shippers and carriers throughout the United States to provide new ideas that move logistics forward.

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